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When I was in primary school, corporal punishment was really the order of the day as a disciplinary measure. We were punished for all reasons starting from arriving late at the morning asembly to arriving late at the evening farewell one when we called the day off. However, our teachers never killed us! At least I never knew or heard of one of my colleagues in class or school who died following i…njuries sustained from such a corporal beating/punishment. So why do we hear of such cases today? I got shatttered this morning and haunted the whole day by the story in the Standard newspaper and picture of this young pupil who was beaten for having jumped one blank page of his exercise book! The details of the form of beating by the teacher was such that the young pupil, who later died sometime early this year, sustained the neck injury that killed him. And what action has so far been taken? The teacher was transfered to another school – to kill another or others!   Looking at that innocent face of the dead and now buried kid, I kept asking the whole day today; “who will console the Mother!”

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