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Dear All, I wish to thankyou all for your correspondences. I kept exclaiming; “0000h, how sweet of you all——-!. Thankyou and let’s keep it going this way!
Today what moved me to a punch in the air with a; “Yeeeees!” was the action taken by some students in Narok County to rescue one of their own female colleagues from early marriage. They abondoned their classes temporarily, and storming her …families’ home and took her mother hostage until she revealed to them where her daughter had BEEN MARRIED. THE STUDENTS THEN PROCEEDED AND RESCUED THEIR OWN AND RETURNED HER TO SCHOOL! SHE WAS IN FORM  3!
Now that is what I call not only ‘Voices but Actions of Reason!” I wish I was able to DO MORE TO COMPLIMENT THE STUDENTS! That “SETS A DIFFERENCE!”

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