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Dear All,
Happy Easter 2012!
A Point of Reflection after Easter:
The World is Fast and we are all Running!
Majority of Kenyans, and more specifically Christians, like many other people and probably a world trend, are equally running!
The implications of such a fast people and their world, particularly Christians, is that the events that hold together the foundations of their Faith mainly Christmas and Easter, these times just come and very fast go by.
In today’s modern times, these hallmark celebrated Christian events are not only forgotten just as fast and people take on or look forward to other emergent ones, but the subsequent implications of such events in the follow up daily public and private lives of the people within that Faith are similarly forgotten. I seek to emphasize that these implications quickly dash over into the ‘past’! This is a concern.
Where these events and their implications are not forgotten, they have become more and more routine celebrated events and no longer points of serious reference as they ought to be in peoples’ and specifically Christians’ daily public and private lives. That is indeed a major concern!
The implications of such a fast life may on one hand come round as healthy, but on the other hand, come round as equally unhealthy. The latter is the point of my reflection.
From a Christian point of view, it is a concern for events such as the lately celebrated Easter Occasion, the Foundation of Christian Faith and its Follow up Implications to be concluded as routine for these ought to be part and parcel of the processes of that Christian life. They ought to be points of reference, learning, reflection, relative thought, lessons, choices and decision making for immediate and future actions as necessary. Every Easter Occasion and its Implications each New Year ought to Reflect an Evolving Process of Growing and Expanded Greater Faith in the Adherent’s subsequent life.
Forgetting and moving on is an immense Positive and Constructive Capacity more so given that some life events lean onto the negative and destructive side of experiences and would rather indeed be forgotten. Such may include pain, frustrations, failure, suffering, regrets and even losses of opportunities and lives of close relatives and friends.
However, on the other hand and of greater concern, is indeed the Immense Incapacity it becomes when a people at large and more specifically Christians, forget the Implications of the Positive and Constructive events that enrich their lives, experiences and lessons that constitute the fundamentals of their Faith, and the accompanying implications such as Love, Friendship, Concern, Good Neighbourliness, Peace and similar Virtues as taught in the Christian Faith and indeed all other Religions. Indeed it is upon these Virtues that is the Foundations of Hope, a necessary element of and in ordinary daily lives of a people and their nations’ daily public and private lives at all levels, across the politic, their economic statuses, their corporate business sectors, and their ever evolving emergent socio-economic sectors, including the cross-cutting facets. It is Such Hope that Makes Life Worth Living!
This latter issue and concern is what inspires me to write the following Reflection on the Aftermath of the Christian Easter Celebrations of 2012.
And so once more, Happy Easter 2012!
The Resurrection of Christ, two thousand and twelve years ago today (2012) was an event whose pre and post implications ushered in a Process of Life that many Christians, repeat, particularly Christians today ought to Embrace. Kindly am not Preaching.
Christianity is a Way of Life. And that Way of Life is NOT A WALK OVER!
Christianity’s system of belief calls for unique ways of life, attitudes, perceptions, conceptions, reflections, relationships, thoughts, ideas, choices, actions, inputs and outputs, decisions, sense of morality, humanity and service to human kind and results that many may wish to experience and not take for granted! Christianity for instance vouches for Peace!
Come Let Us Reason Together, Let Us Focus on the Implications of Peace.
On His First Appearance and Address to the Apostles and Disciples after His Resurrection, the Event of Easter, Jesus wished them Peace!
After Easter 2012, two thousand and twelve years later, Jesus STILL WISHES ALL GOD’s People namely; Men and Women, Youth and Children and the World at large, this same Peace!
The Points of Reflection therefore are;
As a Country, how Peaceful are we Kenyan Men and Women, and Children and Youth, after Easter 2012?
Specifically, as Makueni County, how Peaceful are we, namely; the People, Men, Women, Children and Youth of the County after Easter 2012?
And with more specific reference to Women in and from Makueni County, namely; the Women in and from Makueni County, how Peaceful are we after Easter 2012!
In case it’s otherwise, that we have no Peace, why would Peace be Eluding Us?: You, the Christian; You, the Individual, You the Women, You the Man; You the Individual Youth; You the Individual Child; You, the People of Makueni County ; You the Women of Makueni County; and You, the People of Kenya as Country, at and after Easter 2012?
Happy Easter 2012!
Aunty Vicky
Makueni County Aspirant – Women Representative

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