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Dear All,

My Prayer is that you all well. It’s been a while since I got back to you all and kindly beg for your understanding. I am making meet the people visits so far in Kilome, Kaiti, and Makueni Constituencies. I plan to visit Mbooni and Kibwezi Constituencies soon.

Part of this information to you is to engage you to walk with me through the various Constituencies that make the Makueni County. Kindly note that Kibwezi has been split into two, that is into Kibwezi East and Kibwezi West. So far therefore, the Makueni County has six (6) Constituencies.

As I make the visits, most of my focus is raising the County people’s awareness on these Constitutional boundaries; the elective posts within the provisions of the New Constitution; the need for all eligible to prepare to participate in casting the votes that will determine their political leaders for the upcoming term; and the need to prudently reflect on the kind of leaders they plan to elect. My focus is also on raising awareness on what development is all about across Political, Economic, Corporate , Socio-Economic and their Cross-Cutting Pillars of governance and development. Such discussions are just a drop in the sea relative to how much Civic Education is needed across the board.

“Come, Let Us Continue to Reason Together. Only then Shall We Set the Difference”

Thank you for now, and God Bless You All.

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