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The visionaries of the world is a Kenyan registered information, education, and capacity enhancement Consortium of Professional Experts and Strategists from across the disciplines, committed to the promotion of Professional Technical Truths, Principles and Integrity as Universal Precedence to Justice and Peace in Governance & Development Processes of a people and its nation.

The Consortia, ultimately, seeks to partner with other like-minded professional persons, institutions, organizations, associations and groups from across the disciplines within the five Pillars of governance and development processes namely: Socio-Economic, Economic, Corporate/Business, Political, and Cross-Cutting Facets at all levels: international, regional, national and sub-national levels. The criteria for membership with the Consortium target individual professional men and women, institutions, associations, organizations and groups whose contribution to society reflects relatively high levels of personal and institutional professional ethics and integrity.

Our Vision
The Vision of VOW International therefore, “Come Let Us Reason Together”, envisages, seeks and appeals to the indisputable roles of individual and collective professional contribution in society and in life – the role of a people and nations critical mass of professional voices of reason, as core fundamental bodies who held in trust, carry bottom-line truths and facts, values of life and core guiding principles of integrity necessary for a peoples and their nation’s appropriately guided public and private life choices and decisions. These in function are enshrined in the ultimately human shared moral information and understanding that distinguishes right from wrong as adopted and embedded in societal human values and cultures, and professionally, universally in shared but evolving human technical information and understanding of life processes as in governance and development. Ultimately, it’s the gist of humanity, professional and institutional ethical policies and principle codes of conduct as promoted and practiced in formal and informal public life of a people and their nation’s institutions. The Vision recognizes such shared  individual, societal and professional values as fundamental principles that when applied in professional practice without inhibitions and omissions, guarantee the successful functioning of individuals and institutions of governance and development processes as a whole, as they all mutually and hence peacefully, reason together in harmony towards a common shared good.

Our Mission
VOW International’s core Mission on one hand, is to provide Accurate Analytical Technical Information and Knowledge to the people and nation at large, across the five pillars of governance and development processes: Socio-Economic, Economic, Corporate/Business, Political, and Cross-Cutting Facets pillars of daily public and private life. VOW International holds such information and knowledge as necessary Appropriate Guidance towards the people and nation’s individual and collective Informed Choices and Informed Decision-Making particularly, in the management of their daily public life. VOW International sees such a mission not only as a right to the recipients and so beneficiaries of such technical information, but also as a moral and noble professional obligation to them and the world. VOW International therefore, emphasizes the need and holds technical knowledge and appropriate guidance as critically necessary powerful tools and strategies in enhancing the people and their nations’ necessary capacities, empowering them to make informed choices and taking informed decisions in their governance and development reform processes across the five pillars of governance and development. On the other hand, VOW International’s Team of Experts are on a pro-active mission to facilitate in the articulation of not only the development and governance implementation processes in demand for more effective service delivery from the decision-makers and providers, but facilitate more in the articulate understanding of prevailing political and economic dynamics that pervade development and governance processes across the five identified pillars. And hence, the critical need for strategy-making if the probability of success of the intended development and governance reforms is to be increased. Africa, and Kenya is included, is indeed lacking in constructive development and governance reform strategists.

Our Core Argument
The Vision and Mission of VOW International extends the argument that it is the dying lack of active and pro-active reference to natural human truths and moral values, and similar lack of reference to professional fundamental technical truths, facts and principles as entailed in professional and institutional ethical practice across all functioning disciplines, and across the five pillars of governance and development processes, more so in Africa, that is a human and professional (individual and institutional) omission and tragedy. Such acts of human and professional omissions and commissions avert fundamental human moral and technical positions and contributions among the people and their nation, inhibit and incapacitate their will and ability to reason together, consequently averting Justice, and ultimately averting Peace and Development. Hence, it preludes conflicts.

Our Assignment
The VOW International Consortia, broadly seeks and purposes to work as a Technical Team of Experts/Think Tank namely of: development and governance advisors; analysts and strategists; resource persons; capacity development facilitators; and facilitators in multi-disciplinary development and governance reforms and processes at sub-national, national, regional and international levels. They will work within the Framework of the five Pillars of development and governance processes namely: Socio-Economic, Economic, Corporate/Business, Political, and Cross-Cutting Facets Pillar. Specifically, the Experts will facilitate in: collective ‘Think-Tanking’ and conceptualizing; objective situation analyses and presentation; facilitate in bringing about appropriate technical knowledge, understanding and guidance on prevailing Socio-Economic, Economic, Corporate/Business, Political, and Cross-Cutting Facets dynamics in development and governance processes; facilitate in strategymaking and development; facilitation in strategies for effective national dialogues and negotiations, lobbying and building of constructive consensuses; partnerships; innovative programme designing and review; strategic joint planning, monitoring/tracking governance and development implementation; impact assessments; innovative thinking for alternative development and governance options, mobilization and effective management of resources; advocacy and awareness creation; specific gender concerns and specific programming on safety-nets for the poorest of the poor; promotion of objective, professional ethical and moral principles, and informed choices, decisions and attitudes; all to increase probability of success in any planned interventions; for more successful development and governance processes as a whole. And ultimately, bring about improved governance and development policy
and programme service delivery.